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Don’t even try to spam here. Even my honeypots have honeypots. I take great delight in knowing that here is where my would-be malicious visitors come to get listed on one of the major internet blacklists. If you would like to join me in nabbing the malbots of the internet, visit Project Honeypot.

Because I run a lot of very effective anti-spam software, there is no need to register here to comment. Unregistered commenters will have to wait until their comment is approved (registered users will see their comments posted immediately, after the first comment  is approved).

Copyright Violators

If you dump copyrighted material, beyond the bounds of Fair Use, I will take it down as soon as I can, and if possible I will ban you. There’s no good reason for such crap. The HTML link was invented a long time ago, after all. Use it.

Age Requirements

Of course, this being an  American blog and American server, you must be 13 or over to register here. Sorry about that. Blame Congress, not me.


I don’t like data sharing on the net. Anything you tell me in your entirely optional registration, unless you make it public, will stay as private as I can make it in these days of out of control government snooping.

That said, I need some numbers to figure out a few things right now, and so you will occasionally find Google (yes, Google 🙁 ) Analytics at work on this site. Similarly, I’m logging right now (meaning I have a record of your IP address). I don’t sell this data or share it with anyone, but it does exist. I delete logs when I remember to, but that’s not as often as I’d like.

I heartily recommend that users who want to block as much of this as possible use Abine Privacy Suite (to block Google tracking) or Tor (to obscure your identity altogether). I won’t take it personally. After all, I’m not interested in knowing your identity. I’m just interested in squeezing as much performance as I can from a tiny virtual server.

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